?Kuna Code PRO version now available

Dear Friends!

Your favourite Kuna codes have now become even better. On the surface, we have updated the design, though the main change is that you can now create codes destined for a specific user and with a specified validity period. In fact, we have many plans for the codes. We’ll tell you about all the changes here that we have already made.

Kuna Code PRO, is a tool for transferring any asset inside or outside of the exchange. We have tried hard to incorporate all of the most important features into Kuna Code PRO:

  • Personal Code. Create a code for a specific user. Only you and the person to whom the code is addressed can activate it. So we can ensure that your codes are prevented from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Confidence period. You set the time period during which the code can’t be cancelled so you can show your trust in a specific user. If the deadline for the code expires, you can activate it yourself.
  • Multicurrency. Create codes in any currency which appear on KUNA.IO
  • Instantaneous. As our developers like to joke, even The Flash envies the speed of activation and fund crediting using codes.
  • Secure. We still haven’t met anyone who has been able to figure out a working combination of 45 characters in order to fake one of our codes.
  • Commission free. Withdrawals of any quantity using Kuna Code will be commission free. Deposits too 🙂

So, how does it work in real life ? Below we show you the most popular uses of our Kuna codes, but remember that their possibilities are in fact, limitless 🙂


Situation No1. Kuna Code for secure transactions with unknown exchange points

You want to buy cryptocurrency, USDT, or any balance on the exchange etc.

During this process, you want to be confident in the security of the transaction. You get in touch with the exchange office through the website, using chat or any other method. Then they generate a Kuna Code on your i.d. with a validity period of, for example, 2 hours, and give you the first 5 characters. With this system, the code demonstrates confidence in the availability of the reserves for the funds, and the time reserve means that the exchange point won’t be able to return this amount to your balance. Then you can meet and swap your funds for the exchange balance. A private meeting of both parties in the deal allows confirmation of the identification of the users, as is the international standard practice to “know your client”.


Or situation No2. Kuna Code protects from criminal hands

Online exchange. You have found a partner for an exchange, for example in Telegram chat and you want to exchange your Hryvnia balance on the exchange and transfer it to a bank card. In order to protect the deal from any interceptions, you must generate a code on your partners Kuna I.D. After this you will be able to transfer the code in any way and be sure that nobody will be able to use this code, except your counterparty.


In situation No3 Kuna Code securely confirms your intentions

You have a balance on the exchange and you would like to exchange this for fiat money. You contact an exchange point and generate a Kuna Code on its Kuna i.d for example, with a deadline of 2 hours, then you send the first 5 characters of the code to your partner to confirm your intentions. He checks the code validity and sees that the code is reserved for 2 hours, and that you can’t do anything with the code during this time. Then you can meet and exchange your balance for money.

So, now it’s time for you to test all the new Kuna code features.  

If you still haven’t tried working with Kuna Code, then click here https://kuna.io/kuna-code where we explain how to create and activate them.

You can always exchange your codes in the Telegram group.

Yours sincerely

The KUNA.IO Team