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All amounts on our exchange are backed with real money.

The reserve ratio for banks is less than 10% of raised funds total amount. Our exchange always reserves 100% of money. Therefore users can withdraw all money from their accounts and it will not affect the work of our exchange.

The real amount of money in banks. Not the value drawn on users' accounts, but physical money that is stored in safes. This number for Ukrainian banks is 7%. That is, if at least 10% of depositors come to the bank to collect their deposits, the bank simply will not have enough physical money to distribute to clients.

Public leader

I communicate with the users all the time. We talk about latest news and I share plans for the future of our platform. I do not hide from the authorities, my social profiles are open for discussion and suggestions. I believe that only through communication with the users we can figure the right direction for the development of the platform.

You can always ask any questions or watch previous episodes of Ask me anything (AMA) series on YouTube.

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Michael Chobanyan

Founder of KUNA

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Our customer service provides 24/7 support. We solve our customers' issues fast and accurately. In case of any problem we inform you via our official website and Telegram channel. We are people and treat every user with love and care ❤️.
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