Kuna telegram bot

Telegram bot
for buying and selling Kuna codes

Fast and secure method for buying and selling Kuna codes. Automated and safe. All transactions within the bot are confirmed as actual balances. We have checked 😉

What are the advantages ?

Transaction guarantee

In the case of a dispute, we will request statements from the bank in addition to carrying out user checks internally. The Kuna code will be frozen until the dispute is resolved.

Verified balances

When an application is being created, we freeze the funds on the exchange account, so all requests are existing, up to date balances.


All communication and operations occur only within the bot. There is no communication with unknown users.


In order to hack the system, you would have to hack Telegram, and Pashka has invested enough money to ensure that this will not happen.

Current transactions

After their creation, deals stay live for 2 hours, so you will always see current transactions.

Which banks
are supported?

Coming soon

How does it work ?

Have any questions?

We are available for you via convenient messengers. No answering machines and robots. Communicate only with living people who will lay theirselves out for you! 😊