How to sell Bitcoin?

Kuna — a simple and effective tool to convert your currency into Bitcoin and back. We have prepared step-by-step instructions to help you to sell Bitcoin in a few minutes:

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Create an account

To create an account, go through a simple registration procedure on the Exchange. This will give you access to a safe place for storing and exchanging your assets.

Deposit your Bitcoin wallet

You can deposit bitcoin in your personal account in the

Assets - BTC - Deposit section.
You will immediately receive a personal address for deposit. Send funds to this address and after 3 confirmations in the blockchain they will be loaded to the balance of your wallet.

Sell Bitcoin

Go to the Trades page and sell bitcoin at the market price or place order at the intended one. BTC/UAH 0 +0.0%

Withdraw UAH in any convenient way

After the sale is complete, you can withdraw hryvnia in any available way below.

To a bank card
Kuna Code
ADV Cash

Have any questions?

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