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10 steps to reach the goal

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Expansion of KUNA to CIS and Turkey - The New Markets

We are going to extend our services to Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Turkey

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The target market size is in the excess of 266 million people

The New Markets countries share several characteristics in common - and these characteristics represent opportunities for KUNA

- The level of distrust to the traditional financial institutions in some countries reaches 70%

- The level of unaccounted for size of economy (cash) up to 60% of GDP

- High inflation stimulates for savings in FIAT currencies (USD, EUR, CHF) instead of national ones

- restrictions and additional costs on FIAT foreign currency exchanges imply higher costs to the end users

While at the same time

- The volume of e-commerce transactions in the New Markets is greater than 30 billion US dollars and is rapidly increasing.

- The total import-export trade volume of the New Market countries is greater than 300 billion US dollars and is rapidly increasing.

The restrictions on capital flows in the New Market, is a key driver to search and make use of alternative means of raising, transferring and holding capital and currencies so as to circumvent these restrictions.

The bottom line - there is profit and opportunity available to KUNA in the New Markets and we will pursue both.

Also, we are to

Enable depositing and withdrawal in USD and EUR

This is self-explanatory, but obviously a good and logical move for KUNA.

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Add new trading pairs

Before the start of SCO, we will add Ethereum and Waves to the exchange. We will remain flexible and will constantly evaluate other crypto-currencies.

Deploy a comprehensive network of Cryptomats in Ukraine

As you are aware, “cryptomats” are the crypto-currency equivalents of automatic teller machines (ATMs). KUNA intends to create and dominate Ukraines (and beyond) cryptomat market. We have conducted thorough research in this area and signed up with strategic partner who will deploy the network. The first phase of this process is 150 cryptomats. This project has already started and we are excited to report that the first 10 cryptomats will go live in Kiev in July 2017. This cryptomat project is inherently profitable and has independent economic value for KUNA. However, the additional “secret sauce” is that all of these cryptomats will work via the KUNA exchange API and KUNA.io order book.

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In addition to this, all of the crypto-currencies which KUNA Exchange will start trading (as described above), will also be avaliable on the cryptomat network.

VISA / Mastercard “BTC-To-Fiat” debit cards

KUNA will provide VISA and/or Mastercard “BTC-To-Fiat” debit cards. KUNA’s customers will be able to make deposits into these debit cards using cryptocurrency, and will then be able to use these cards to seamlessly make USD and EUR payments throughout the world.

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ICO as a Platform (“IaaP”)

KUNA Exchange is developing and perfecting a technical platform to facilitate the launch, management and successful completion of ICOs in general. This ICO as a Platform (IaaP) concept is new in the industry, and will contribute to KUNA maintaining and extending its thought-leadership and technical lead over its competitors. KUNA’s IaaP offering was initially tested in connection with the taas.fund ICO and KUNA is now building upon the valuable lessons learnt from this experience. KUNA’s IaaP offering will only become stronger and more robust with each ICO.

Project CryptoHryvnia

This project will involve a 1:1 (parity) exchange rate between the related tokens and the Ukrainian hryvnia. From the user's perspective, it will work as a bitcoin-wallet, but in UAH. We consider this project to be an additional way of depositing/withdrawal to the exchange. The Alpha-version is already in the tests. Closed alpha tests will be avaliable to select number of interested stakeholders in July.

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More DEVs! Strengthening of the development team by recruiting of new specialists. This is self-explanatory, but essential for KUNA’s successful pursuit of these opportunities and fast time to market solutions.

Of course, KUNA will continue to pursue its existing business models and markets and not lose focus on these. The resources generated by this SCO will allow KUNA to do so more aggressively.

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All of the above will allow us to massively scale both total exchange volumes and revenues.

First target level - 1000 BTC equivalent per day

Currently KUNA’s daily trade volume is approximately 20 BTC.

SCO Terms

After the end of the auction, if we reach a minimum of 300 BTC, all tokens will be distributed among the participants who offered the highest price for the token - applications in the order book will be ranked for the price of 1 KUN. The funds of the rest of the participants will be returned to their accounts.

If at least 300 BTC will not be reached, we will cancel the SCO and issue refunds to the participants, We will then offer these KUN tokens for sale via open bidding on the exchange. In this case Mikhail Chobanyan (Founder and current owner of 800 000 KUN) has the right to sell 100,000 KUN, or any part, at any price and at any time, on the exchange.

If the minimum of BTC 300 is reached, but not all 100,000 tokens are sold, the remaining tokens shall be offered for sale in order book on the exchange at the maximum price offered at the time of SCO.

Manner of Conducting the SCO

The bids for tokens will be in the order book, indicating the number of tokens desired and the offering price. The application process shall be completely transparent, meaning that they will be viewable in complete detail by all parties.

Potential buyers have the right to modify or withdraw their bids at any time before the end of SCO.

Bids for KUN tokens will be available in BTC, ETH and Waves (ETH and Waves recalculated into BTC at the current exchange rate at coinmarketcap.com). Investors must have a positive and sufficient balance on the KUNA exchange in order to participate in bidding process.

If the KUN SCO is oversubscribed (i.e., more applications than tokens available for sale) at the same price, then the tokens will be distributed to the participant at first come first served bases. After the fulfillment of the highest price “winner’s” bids, the remaining part of the tokens will be credited to the second applicant and so on, until the last tokens at this price are distributed.

Regardless of the final outcome of the SCO, KUN tokens distributed during ICO will be open for trade on the exchange.

US citizens are strictly forbident from participation in SCO. We remain right to block account in case of suspicion. We do not need any problems with SEC.

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Why us

We operate at the most difficult market – Ukrainian; moreover, we are familiar with nuances and grey areas of the system and our experience allows us to make realistic forecasts on how the similar markets will be developing in the future.

The key to any market is to understand the needs of the potential customers, and we as key players understand these needs and have all necessary experience and team fulfill them.

KUNA - first public cryptoassets exchange in CIS


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Creator 2ff3b8dc3ee2306ebb7a1cb7ea20fb6e658beaa5296ba16ffc401fb1d58a62e7

Mike Chobanyan

Founder Kuna Bitcoin Agency and Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU)

Graduate EMBA at Columbia University, London Business School and Hong Kong University

Bachelor of Economics (City University London)

More than 7 years of experience in the telecommunications market. Bitcoin enthusiast

In 2014 founded the first Bitcoin agency in the CIS and Eastern Europe - Kuna Bitcoin Agency

One of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine (BFU)

In September 2014 opened the first Bitcoin embassy in the CIS

The leader of the initiative group "Bitcoin License Ukraine". The ideologist of the platform "CryptoRus"

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Биткоин Аукцион правительства США

Михаил Чобанян рассказал о перспективах цены биткоин

Public 2 b1d2e6c025e3250c575fb7419c5218d86eb6d5a33e90cc44b9a0a96e6a65f222

Бизнес с биткоин, как и зачем

Михаил поделился опытом работы с биткоин и построением бизнеса в биткоин экосистеме.

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Bitcoin Conference SPB 2014

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Bitcoin Conference Питер

Михаил поделился опытом создания биткоин сообщества. Агентство Куна

Public 5 a994f8376369b02f38b8b82941fa8603fba0264f10caca4681b993fc2ea979ae

O взаимодействии финтеха с банками

#FinTechUkraine 2015 Conference May 19 in Kyiv

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Blockchain однозначно изменит нашу страну

Обсуждаем перспективы Blockchain в Украине на второй международной Blockchain

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"Кризис? Новые возможности! Биткоин – деньги текут в Fintech".

Public 9 a7efa66f614e45a6b258a1183b30751567e1d14a409d2bc244a972ef9acd0949

Репортаж интернет отчет интервью Михаил Чобанян

Public 10 44d0eb368c192aac7b2405467b79754ccc406faf55e08269ed87267e17fdb729

Михаил Чобанян о биткоинах и репрессиях в IT

Основатель первого биткоин агенства в восточной Европе и Украине, учредитель Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine

Public 11 7d66fabb603e583c17be801a3f51f89f0d3ee1d00e48b4e4124e80e577941213

Свобода и Bitcoin

Лекция Михаил Чобанян в университете Т.Шевченка.

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Крипторубль — возможность увеличить онлайн-расчёты. Михаил Чобанян, Основатель Kuna bitcoin agency

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Bitcoin работает на законах математики

У криптовалют, в отличие от существующей системы, нет центрального эмиссионного центра, нет собственника,

Public 14 bede5ed42e3ef0c856e201d677b85e292edbf5356e33ea7f055ac57f13032071

Blockchain Conference Kyiv

20-го мая 2016 прошла третья международная конференция Blockchain Conference Kyiv

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