The Kuna Code – is an internal asset of the Kuna Exchange.

By using the Kuna Code you can transfer or reserve any amounts which are held on the user's account or even out of the Exchange (including exchangers).

Why Kuna Code ?

Personal code

You can create a code for a specific user

This means that the code can only be activated by two individuals. You are the person who the code is written to. Nobody else...

Even if the code falls into the wrong hands, they will not be able to do anything with it :)

Trust period

You can specify the time period during which you can not cancel the code

This demonstrates your trust and willingness to carry out a deal with a specific user

After this time you can activate the code yourself.


You can create a Kuna Code in any currency, whether it is Fiat or Cryptocurrency


When activating the code the deposit on the balance will appear quicker than you can say Kuna Code !

Even The Flash didn't dream of this )


The code is created of 45 symbols. This means that the possible combinations of codes is larger than the number of atoms in the visible part of the universe. To work out this kind of code would take millions of years.

We send our sincere apologies to the hackers who are going to spend their time on this

Commission free

Withdrawals of any amount using Kuna Code will be commision free. Deposits too :)

How to start using the Kuna Code?

The Kuna Code has unlimited opportunities. For example, you are able to transfer assets to your friend's account on the Exchange or generate code as a gift. You can also make deals and barter codes between other users of the Exchange and exchangers.
Click the tabKuna codes
Select the item in the left menuCreate code
Choose the asset in which you would like to create a Kuna Code
Enter the required amount and click on 'Generate'


The Kuna Code has been generated!
Now you can send it to any user and he will be permitted to deposit assets to his own balance.
What is the Kuna Code and how to use it?
Is it secure to use the Kuna Code?
Is it possible to withdraw assets beyond the Exchange using the Kuna Code?
What currencies are suitable for creating the Kuna Code?
How much is the commission for deposits and withdrawals using the Kuna Code?

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