Crypto Onramp

Buy crypto fast in a smart way

Pay by card for your crypto assets due to advanced payment solution

How does it work?

Exchange money anytime and check rates and fees before you pay

  • 1.Select your currencies

    Use the currency converter at the top of the page

  • 2.Enter the amount

    Select the amount you wish to convert or receive in the specified currency

    You Pay
    160.00 EUR
    You Receive
    0.0532 ETH
  • 3.Check the rates

    Quickly calculate exchange amount and freeze rate to secure your best deal

    Original rate:
    1 USDT = 0.93876 EUR

There are plenty of Benefits to using crypto onramp solution

Exchange money safely and swiftly

Save wallet
Payment sent successfully

Simple Flow

  • Pre-calculation for non-authorised users
  • Save wallets for the future payments
  • Easily sign in using your Google or Apple ID for a hassle-free experience

24/7 Support Team

We resolve customer issues quickly and clearly. If we encounter any issues, we notify users on our website and Telegram channel.

Our dedicated Customer Care team is available 24/7 to promptly address any concerns you may have. In case of any issues, we provide clear and timely updates to our users via our website and LiveChat channel.

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100 EUR is all you pay, fees included
Original rate
1 USDT ≈ 0.93876 EUR
Processing fee
6.29 EUR
Total fees
6.29 EUR

No hidden fees

Stay informed about all fees before making a purchase. Competitive prices and high success exchange rates with our onramp.

  • All fees are included into exchange rate
  • No extra fees during payment process
  • Realtime & Dynamic market rate for each transaction
Identity Check
Please look into the camera and hold steel

Easy KYC process

Let us take care of compliance. Quick verification of your documents, no need to wait long.

  • Provide you personal data in short forms
  • Download photos of your documents
  • Create selfie in liveness-mode

Frequently Asked Questions

A few simple steps to buy cryptocurrency

  • What is Onramp Solution?

    Onramp is a service that allows you to quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrency by paying in fiat currency using common payment methods (such as, for example, a bank card) and sending cryptocurrency to any crypto wallet address.

  • Why was I charged before receiving of my crypto?

    Processing the operation of receiving cryptocurrency with fiat payment and subsequent transfer to the specified crypto address is a complex operation consisting of several parts, the processing of which is performed step by step. The first part is the payment of the invoice in a fixed currency for the amount determined during the confirmation of the purchase order. This part is mandatory, as it is the basis for further exchange. All transaction processing fees are added at this stage and directly depend on the source and target amount of the placed order.

  • What happens to my funds if the crypto withdrawal fails?

    In case when processing of a cryptocurrency withdrawal is not possible for reasons beyond Kuna's control and cannot be resolved, the funds will be automatically refunded to the customer`s payment card.

  • How long does it take to process a crypto transfer transaction to the specified address?

    The execution time of a cryptocurrency transfer depends on the processing of the blockchain network and is different for different cryptocurrencies. It may be a few minutes for USDT, but it is also expected that for example a transaction involving DOGE or BTC will take much longer to process.

  • Is each address verified for withdrawing crypto?

    What actions should be taken if the address will not be verified? Yes, we verify crypto addresses before performing a cryptocurrency withdrawal. In case when specified crypto-address does not pass the verification process, the customer has an option to use another crypto-address to complete the payment. Otherwise, fiat deposit will be refunded to the customer`s details.

Integration with your business

Integrate KUNA Core into your business and empower your customers to perform a full range of cryptocurrency operations with clear and user-friendly logic