Cross-chain deposits and refund policy

Last Update: 1st of May 2022

KUNA is always concerned about our customers' safety and sustainability. Sometimes wrong deposits transfers of electronic tokens to wallets intended for accepting and storing other cryptocurrencies occur in practice of exchange. To make our Users sure that their right to refund is ensured, we created this Cross-chain Deposits and Refund Policy ("Policy").

Acceptance of the Policy. By visiting, accessing or using any of our website(s), mobile application or cryptocurrency trading and related services you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the rules provided by this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy or any part of it you should immediately stop using our website(s), mobile application and any kind of our services.

Should any conflict arise between the English language version of this Policy and any translation thereof, the English language version will prevail.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us via email: [email protected]

1. General provisions

Policy applies to any deposit of a KUNA-supported currency or token sent to the blockchain address of another coin on another network. For example, this includes but is not limited to sending BTC to a BCH address or sending ETH to an ETC address.

The User must understand that a cross-chain deposit Refund is a complicated and time-consuming process. Not all cross-chain deposits can be recovered. KUNA will do as much as possible to return money that has been lost as a result of wrong deposit in the shortest term as KUNA can.

KUNA will not refund unsupported tokens including ICOs, airdrops, or blockchain forks.

Taking into account complexity of the issues connected with the refund process, the User must pay Refund Attempt Fee (" Fee "). Fee equals 1000 euro or cryptocurrency equivalent, payable in fiat or cryptocurrency supported by KUNA. Fee is payable beforehand and deduct from the User`s wallet. The User must understand that KUNA does not guarantee successful completion of the cross-chain refund process. No other fees will not apply for the User.

Cross-chain refunds in excess of the original amount are prohibited.

This Policy does not cover any transactions between the Users related to purchase-sale of crypto-currencies and it does not refer to any refunds for purchased crypto-currencies.

To realize the User`s right to a refund they shall contact KUNA Support Service. The User`s application must include the following information:

  • the email address to which the User's Account is attached;
  • the name of the electronic token that was mistakenly deposited in a wallet intended for another cryptocurrency;
  • the number of electronic tokens; txid, transaction screenshot.
KUNA may require additional information about the transaction, if necessary. If recovery and return of mistakenly deposited electronic tokens is possible, KUNA may need to install or update the wallet software, export/import secret keys, etc.

2. Refund eligibility criteria

To be able to get a cross-chain refund the User must meet the following criteria:

  • the User must be verified KUNA customer;
  • the User must submit an application within 2 hours from the cross-chain deposit moment;
  • the User must hold a KUNA wallet;
  • the total amount of cross-chain refund must exceed the minimum value;
  • the User must pay a Fee beforehand.

Only in the case of meeting all five criteria the cross-chain refund process can be started..

The cross-chain refund will be granted by KUNA for the Users who have completed the KYC procedure before submitting their refund application.

Supported currencies eligible for cross-chain refund include currencies supported by KUNA Exchange. KUNA will only attempt to recover cross-chain deposits that exceed 2000 euro (or equivalent in cryptocurrency) at the time of such a deposit.

The Fee will be charged for the cross-chain recovery process from the User`s wallet. At the time of the recovery, the full Fee amount (1000 euro or cryptocurrency equivalent) must be available in the User`s wallet. The Fee is charged automatically; no action from the User is required.

3. Processing of application

Having received the User`s application, KUNA shall contact the User within a reasonable time to ask for the further necessary information to consider the application. The User must as soon as possible, but not later than 3 days, respond to the KUNA`s letter and provide KUNA with the required information.

KUNA guarantees that the User`s application will be processed within a reasonable time and KUNA will make a final decision and notify the User about the results of the application processing.

The User`s application will not be satisfied in the following cases:

  • the User rejected to/did not provide KUNA with the required necessary information;
  • if KUNA has reasonable suspicion that the User has or is engaged in fraudulent or any other type of criminal activity due to this deposit.
KUNA has a right to freeze the User`s funds during processing the User`s application, which means that the User will be unable to get access to these funds.

4. Changes to cross-chain deposits and refund policy

KUNA may modify this Policy from time to time which will be indicated by changing the date at the top of this page. If KUNA makes any material changes, the User will be notified by email (sent to the email address specified in the User`s account). If the User does not accept a new edition of this Cross-chain Deposits and Refund Policy, they must stop using the website and services. Continuation of using our services after the date on which changes to this Policy come into effect means that the User agrees with the new rules of cross-chain deposit refund processes.