How to buy Bitcoin?

KUNA — a simple and effective tool to convert your currency into Bitcoin and back. We have prepared step-by-step instructions to help you to buy Bitcoin in a few minutes:

1. Create an account on the exchange

To create an account, go through the simple procedure of registration on the exchange. This will give you access to a safe place to store and exchange your assets.
Create account

2. Add a bank card and top up your balance

After completing the registration procedure, get verified in just 10 minutes and choose any of the convenient deposit methods in your national currency, for example, euros.

Once your fiat deposit is confirmed, you can immediately buy Bitcoin.
Add card

3. Buy Bitcoins in seconds

After replenishing the account, open a pair on the trading page BTC/EUR 0.00%. Enter the number of coins you want to buy and click the Buy button. Now at any convenient time you can buy bitcoins on our exchange.


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Go through a simple registration procedure on the platform right away. You immediately deny access to a secure place for saving and exchanging your assets. Go to the Dashboard section and get additional EUR balance. After the previous steps, create a dashboard for a quick addition of cryptocurrencies. For whom is enough money on the balance sheet of EUR. Collect “Buy” BTC from crypto assets, enter the quantity and check the completion of the operation.
To enhance the security of your account, it’s important to enable 2FA. Go to your profile, select the "Security" item from settings. Next to two-factor authentication, click "Turn". Scan the QR code into the Google Authenticator or Authy mobile app, enter your 6-digit verification code and click "Activate".
Use a separate new email for registration on the exchange, which is not a publicly available address for your usual activities, registrations on other sites, etc. When registering on the platform, use a unique complex password - at least 8 characters, containing letters in both cases, numbers and other symbols. Do not use the same password on different services. Be sure to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Be vigilant and do not click on suspicious links.
API keys allow you to make automated requests through the public API. Transferring such information to, for example, an application makes it possible to automate trading or manage it even from a chat. Go to the profile, select the "API keys" item in the settings, click "Create API key". Enter the name of the key, select the option, what can be done with this key (trade, withdrawal of assets). Next, create a whitelist of IP addresses and save the settings.
After replenishing your balance with fiat currency or cryptocurrency, you can place an order to buy or sell. To do this, select "Trading" in the main menu. You will find yourself on the main page of the platform with the trading schedule. Open orders and the history of your orders are located under the main chart. To the right of the chart, you will see all recently executed orders in reverse order (which is what the chart displays) and the order book. To the right of the tables is the order creation form. We currently have 3 types of orders available: Market, Limit, Stop-Limit. You can learn more about each type of order on KUNA help

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