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Conditions for adding new coins to the KUNA Exchange


  • 10 BTC for ERC20 or Waves tokens
  • 20 BTC for coins that require an independent node (separate blockchain)

Application form

Please, fill this form

In case your application will be approved you need to provide all the information for adding your coin to the Exchange.

You are responsible for filling the pair with liquidity.
It's necessary to provide liquidity equivalent of 10 BTC for each order book and trading activity.

Delisting conditions:

  • if trade volume for the first 2 months lower then 30 BTC per month (for ERC20 and Waves tokens) or 60 BTC for other coins
  • in case of  of misleading users (additional mining of tokens, etc.), changes in the material terms of the project
  • in case of scam and other fraudulent actions by the representatives of the project
  • in other cases that can cause damage to users and/or Exchange
  • in the case of technical problems on the coin side, resulting in a long inability to deposit and/or withdrawal of users funds
  • in case of detection of previously unknown information about the project, which could significantly affect the decision to include the token listing

The Exchange reserves the right to exclude pair from listing without providing any explanation.