USDT on ERC20 coming to Kuna soon

Our team monitors every trend, and we actively react to all developments that take place on the market.

Yesterday (July 3rd 2019) the cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced its transfer from Omni addresses to standard ERC20.

Many our users use this platform, and so, for your convenience, our exchange will very soon support USDT in the ERC20 format. This means that USDT will be available on Kuna on the Omni protocol base, and also on the ERC20 base.

For reference:

USDT-Omni is USDT, issued by Tether on the base of the BTC network with a BTC currency address and withdrawal of currency using the BTC network. The protocol used by USDT-Omni. is an Omni level protocol, built into the network of the BTC blockchain.

USDT-ERC20 is USDT, issued by Tether on a base of the ETH network with an ETH currency address and withdrawals using the ETH network. USDT-ERC20 uses the ERC20 protocol.