?The BTC / USDT trading pair is now on Kuna.io

Dear Friends,

Before we tell you our exciting news regarding a long-awaited trading pair that has now become available, we want to remind you that our exchange always supports mutually beneficial partnerships with both direct clients and with exchange offices. We encourage transparent relationships, open competition and honest operations. We don’t support account blocking or any other obstruction to the honest actions of our clients.

And now to the main subject?

We have now added a new trading pair, BTC/USDT to our exchange. You can make any transactions in this pair. In order to save time, and maybe some stress (Since USDT is based on the bitcoin blockchain, the transfer requires 3 confirmations and the usual time for normal operations can be up to 30 minutes),you can always instantly transfer USDT between users and outside the exchange with the help of Kuna Code. You can find the Telegram group for exchanging codes here.

Useful information:

USDT cryptocurrency assets are issued on a blockchain base through the Omni Layer protocol. Each stablecoin unit is backed up by the US dollar, which is located in the reserves of Tether Limited and can be obtained through the Tether platform.

A token was released in 2015 by the company Tether Limited, who state that each of the tokens is backed up by an actual reserve on the accounts – one million tokens in circulation is strictly equal to one million units of fiat currency in the companies accounts.

If you have any questions, you can send them to our Telegram chat.

Kuna Team