✅ A new order type – Stop-Limit on kuna.io ✅

✅ A new order type – Stop-Limit on kuna.io ✅

Dear Users,

We are pleased to announce that we have now launched stop-limit orders.

This option is currently only available to users of our app and API, but in the near future it will also be available in the desktop version.

You can download the mobile app here



How does a stop-limit order work?

The main purpose of a stop-limit order is to help users preserve profit and minimize losses

A limit order consists of two components: stop and price limit.

The user specifies a price limit in advance at which the order will be executed.

Stop price specifies the value, at which the order will be placed at the price limit.


In this example, the last BTC trade was 70,000 USD.

Stop – 69,000 USD (the condition at which the order limit will be activated)

Limit – 69.000 USD

Qty – 1 BTC


Using these parameters, if the price falls to 69,000 USD this will trigger the limit order to sell 1 BTC at a price of 69,000 USD.


We wish you all successful trading !