⚠️New trading pairs on kuna.io⚠️

Dear Users,

Given the rapid growth in popularity of DeFi platforms and interest amongst users, we have taken the decision to add 3 new trading pairs to the platform. 

On 17.06.20 markets will be open for: ETH/USDT, DAI/UAH, USDC/UAH.

We wish you all successful trading!


For reference:

USD Coin (USDC) – is a stablecoin, launched by the Coinbase exchange and the crypto financial company Circle, which is backed by the US dollar at a rate of 1:1. USDC is created on the Ethereum blockchain, using ERC-20 protocol.

DAI – is a stablecoin, pegged to the rate of the American dollar, issued at a rate of ETH tokens and the creation of collateral positions. 

The founder of DAI is Rune Christensen, who is the head at MakerDAO. It officially entered into circulation on 18 December 2017 as the first absolute decentralised token on Ethereum.


The Kuna Team.