New service + collection of funds for the childrens charity Tabletochki

We are pleased to present our new service,

By using this, you can create invoices in cryptocurrency and fiat currency, collect contributions and donations or help your friends and acquaintances.

All of this is without any hidden commission or registration.

We like to save you time, therefore payment of invoices and replenishing balances can be done without registration. If you want to create a invoice yourself and receive donations – you can use your Kuna account, specifically kunaid.

We are especially proud that the first user of the service was the charitable fund ‘Tabletochki’, which annually helps treat dozens of children who have cancer. And now each one of you will be able to help these children using the my.kuna service.

For this you need to:

  1. Head over to the page and enter the unique kunaid of the user, to whom you would like to send funds (if you would like to make a ‘tabletochiki’ donation, just specify tabletochki in the kunaid graph, or go directly to the link,
  2. Choose the fund and indicate the amount for replenishment. If required, you can also add a message.
  3. Choose the replenishment method and enter the required information. And that’s it!

So, you can better understand the service and at the same time help the children. As soon as the funds are debited from your card or the payment goes to the blockchain – you can be certain that the money will reach the addressee and they will receive a corresponding letter !

If you want to set your own invoices:

  1. Head over to
  2. Enter your kuna id.
  3. Choose the asset and the amount. If you would like the client to choose the asset themselves, then just send them the link to this page
  4. Generate a payment page for a specific amount. You can send this link to any user.

All funds will be credited to your account on the kuna platform, and a letter of fund crediting will be sent to your email.

And here’s some more about the benefits and features of the service

  • You don’t need a Kuna account to get started. Just find-out the kuna-id of the user who you want to send money to.
  • This person does not need to register to send you money – You can receive money from anyone. The ideal option for quick debt repayment or exchanging assets.
  • You can create invoices, by specifying an amount and sending the person a unique link for payment. By following the link, they will be able to pay for your goods with a card or by using any other convenient method.
  • You can collect contributions/donations by simply placing a link on your blog or your website. Users will be able to top-up your Kuna account quickly and without registration.

All simple and affordable!

You can create your invoices in any currency that’s available on the exchange (BTC, ETH, USDT, RUB, UAH, USD and many others)