BIG NEWS for the mobile app

The Kuna mobile app has been upgraded! The new release includes solutions to fundamental security issues, fixes to bugs, and most importantly, users can now register and enter the exchange without having to use an API key.


Let’s look at the most important updates

?? Users will now be able to register on Kuna using the mobile app.

?? Existing users can easily login to the mobile app, using their login and password.

?? We have added the facility to store details of frequently used cards or information, to simplify the withdrawal of funds from the exchange.

?? Biometrics have been introduced to confirm operations, which demand two-factor authorisation. For example, the withdrawal of funds. 


And what about security ?

? Existing user logins are protected by two-factor authorisation.

?Logins from new devices require confirmation using two-factor authorisation, which protects our users from the consequences of personal data theft.

? Management of active sessions and attached devices. The user can see the list of active sessions and disconnect unnecessary devices.


And additinally, — bug fixes

?Common error during password recovery

?Animation lags when changing language or currency in settings

?Removal of display tabs when editing cards

?The lower navigation menu disappearing after searching in ‘Assets’

?The back arrow display has been solved in a pair of orders

?The layout of the trading pair screen has been fixed

Our entire team is working towards the improvement of the exchanges mobile app for your convenience. Follow all of our latest news and join our mobile users !

Download the Kuna app on Google Play and App Store