KUNA’s birthday super giveaway?

Our birthday is fast approaching and to mark the occasion we are launching not 1, but 2 promotions ! On 11th March 2014 Michael Chobanian launched the Kuna Bitcoin Agency (recently renamed Kuna Family). We have come a long way since then – what started off as a local exchange has now grown into one of the leading exchanges of its type. Kuna is now celebrating its first landmark anniversary – 5 years of activity. Thankyou for being with us. Thanks to you we’re growing, we’re developing and we’re becoming bigger and stronger. We promise that we still have many new and interesting developments ahead of us !

A birthday is a great excuse to give presents and today all of the presents will be from us to you !

Keep reading to see what we’ve prepared for you:

We are giving away Kuna codes, from 11th March up until all the gift codes have run out !
  1. Replenish your account using a Ukrainian bank card
  2. Create a KUNA Code with a value of 100 UAH for the user kunaid-support (every account can participate once)
  3. Specify kunaid in the code comments area
  4. Send the code that’s created to [email protected] (make sure you create the code for kunaid-support)
  5. And receive extra funds in return!

The first 10 users will receive 300 UAH

The next 20 will receive 200 UAH

50 users will receive 150 UAH

100 users will receive 110 UAH

The amount of remaining promotional Kuna codes can be seen in our official telegram https://t.me/Kuna_official

And instead of birthday cake we have prepared an incredibly cool present !
The new Samsung Galaxy S10 with Samsung Knox cryptocurrency key storage could be yours !

To participate in the prize-draw…

  1. Make sure that you have at least 1000 Hryvnia on your account from the card of the Ukrainian bank. More deposits mean more chances to win !
  2. And that ‘s it ! You are in the prize draw to win a Samsung Galaxy

The promotion will run from the moment you receive this message until 6.00 pm on 13th March.

The prize-draw for the telephone will take place on 13th March at 7.10pm and can be seen live on our pages facebook kuna family, facebook kuna exchange and youtube.

Good luck !

Best wishes,

The Kuna Team