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Быстрый и безопасный  перевод активов с Kuna CODE

Introducing: Advanced Cash 💵

The day has come. From now on, new fiat assets USD and RUB have been made available on Kuna. With the help of Advanced Cash all of our users now have access to the international market and liquidity.


Advanced Cash is the first of many steps which we have taken, meaning that from now on you will not need to transfer funds to other exchanges for trading. Separate assets for each payment allow us to offer you the most favourable settlement terms, and also for exchange offices to use the potential of their reserves.


0% commission will be charged on all AdvCash deposits and withdrawals made before the end of this year. If you are a representative of the exchange, then as a registered partner, we can offer you special favourable partnership conditions on an ongoing basis.


In Summary. Using AdvCash you will receive:

– 2 new assets: aRUB and aUSD

– 5 new pairs: BTC / aUSD, BTC / aRUB, aUSD / UAH, aRUB / UAH, aUSD / aRUB;

– 0% commission on deposits and withdrawals made using Advanced Cash until the end of the year.

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