❗Hardfork BCH❗

Dear friends,

On 15.11.2020, at around 14.00(UTC+2) a planned hardfork will take place, which will most  likely result in a new Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) chain.

The Kuna platform will follow the development of these events and support a longer chain with a dominant quantity of nodes.

If the BCHN networks becomes the main chain as a result of the split, BCH assets on Kuna will be matched to BCHN. Support for BCH ABC will cease after this time. 

Deposits and withdrawals of BCH will stop on 15.11.2020 at 12:00 (UTC+2) until the network has stabilized.

Users who wish to receive both BCHN and BCH ABC must withdraw funds to a service that has announced support for both chains after the hardfork.