Dollars have arrived at Kuna?

At the end of last year we announced our expansion onto the international market. And now dollars are available on

You can transfer USD onto the exchange using various methods:

  • Advanced Cash
  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • KUNA Code

The process for withdrawing and depositing dollars will remain just as fast and easy as it is with Hryvnia. You can test it for yourself.

At the moment, we are actively working with market makers, who very soon will be taking on new roles. If you fit the description of a ‘market maker’, write to us at [email protected] to receive special terms.

And that’s not all. We still have one other announcement:

We’ve added the trading pairs GOL/BTC and GBG/USDT to the exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex have announced a delisting of GOLOS and GBG tokens. These assets must be withdrawn before the 19th April. But don’t despair – 2 new trading pairs have been launched today on Kuna, GOL/BTC and GBG/USDT. Just as before, we fully believe in this project and will provide our users with every suitable opportunity to be involved.