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Why Kuna?

Easy and quick deposits and withdrawals

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Kuna Code PRO
Kuna Code is a tool to transfer assets between user accounts on Kuna exchange
Kuna Code also allows the storage or transfer of any asset outside of the exchange, including exchangers.
white money

Our accounts are 100% backed

All amounts on our exchange are backed with real money.

The reserve ratio for banks is less than 10% of raised funds total amount. Our exchange always reserves 100% of money. Therefore users can withdraw all money from their accounts and it will not affect the work of our exchange.

Actual amount of money kept in banks. It is not the numbers shown on users’ accounts, but the amount of physical money stored in strongrooms. For Ukrainian banks this amount is 7%. It means that even if 10% of bank depositors come to withdraw all funds from their accounts, the bank will not have enough physical money to pay them.

Userfriendly mobile app

We understand the importance of having finger on the pulse of cryptomarket. That's why we released a new mobile app considering your requests. It will help you to face this challenge.

referral programme
up to 75% commission from all of your referrals.
The higher the volume of trades, the higher the profit.
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
You have 10 referrals, each of which trades $40,000 per week. The total sum of the trades of all of your referalls will be $400,000 per week. They will pay $1000 commission, and you will receive 50% of this amount, i.e. $500, This means, per month on 10 such referrals you will earn $2000
Founder of Kuna

Public leader

I communicate with the users all the time. We talk about latest news and I share plans for the future of our platform. I do not hide from the authorities, my social profiles are open for discussion and suggestions. I believe that only through communication with the users we can figure the right direction for the development of the platform.

You can always ask any questions or watch previous episodes of Ask me anything (AMA) series on YouTube.


Support that cares

Our customer service provides 24/7 support. We solve our customers' issues fast and accurately. In case of any problem we inform you via our official website and Telegram channel. We are people and treat every user with love and care ❤️

Have any questions?

We answer within 30 seconds! We are available for you via convenient messengers. No answering machines or robots. Communicate only with living people. 😊 😊